On the Weekend of December 3 & 4 There Will Be a Christmas Yard Sale on the Grounds of the Simmers-Nairns Orange County Ladies’ Auxiliary Club

Since the very large, rapidly dying and dangerously tilting live oak tree in front of the Simmers-Nairns Orange County Ladies’ Auxiliary Clubhouse in Paoli was taken down for us by Paoli Tree Care six months ago, we now have, for the first time in years, enough unobstructed, wide open space to put on a yard sale.

And so, as a result, that’s what we are going to do: we are going to put on a yard sale.

It’s going to be a Christmas yard sale.

Gretchen Spaulding is chairing the committee that will oversee the sale, and she is asking for volunteers to help man the sales table during the sale.





If you are feeling in a selling sort of mood, please give Gretchen a call.

Also, Maribel Hawkins is in charge of procuring all the items to be sold. If you have any old furniture that you don’t need any more, or any old clothes, please be sure to call her as soon as you can.

Cynthia Fairbairn is in charge of the advertising for the event. She is, of course, a rather accomplished graphic artist and so she is making all the posters and flyers that will be passed out for the yard sale by herself.

But she needs volunteers who can help her actually pass the flyers out.

If you think you would be willing to walk about town and leave the flyers in doorways and mailboxes, please be sure to give her a call.

After the first day of the yard sale, on the evening of December 3, we are going to have a potluck supper at the clubhouse. Henrietta Wilson is in charge of this, and so please give her a call and coordinate with her on what to bring.

And at that potluck dinner we will have a special treat: Mr. Holt Winehart of the Orange County Historical Society is going to give a speech on the early (circa 1811-1813) settlers of Orange County, most of whom, as you all know were Quakers who were fleeing from the vile institution of slavery in Orange County, North Carolina.

All in all, it looks like it’s going to be a delightful day and evening. And we hope that all of you, our faithful members, will be able to attend!