The Simmers-Nairns Orange County Ladies’ Auxiliary Club is the only ladies’ auxiliary club in all of Orange County in south central Indiana. It was founded back in 1923 by Mrs. Mabel Simmers of French Lick, Indiana and Mrs. Georgia Nairns of Paoli. They were both descendants of the early Quaker settlers in the area, both rather high-energy high-minded civic activists, both deeply interested in the history of Indiana in general and in Orange County in particular, and their idea was to bring together a group of socially committed women who would be a positive force for change in all of Orange County. Mrs. Simmers and Mrs. Nairns both lived into the 1960s, dying within one year of each other. But the work that they began has been carried on faithfully by many others, which is why the Simmers-Nairns Orange County Ladies’ Auxiliary Club is such a powerful force for good in today’s Orange County.